Safety Guide Lines

We want all of our bouncers to have a fantastic, fun filled, high flying experience and leave us feeling exhilarated! We therefore do everything we can to reduce the risk of injuries associated with trampolining. We have designed a highly robust bounce arena structure and had it independently tested. We train our staff to the highest standards and continually research the market to always ensure we continue to use the best quality equipment. As well as our scheduled maintenance programme, properly trained staff perform both daily and weekly checks on all equipment to ensure its safety. We ask that all participants over the age of 18 years complete a waiver form before entering the bounce arena (a parent/guardian must complete a waiver form for any participants under the age of 18 years). Please note that you may be asked to provide valid photo ID on entry. Waivers must be filled out completely & correctly with all information required in order for them to be valid and allow bounce arena access. Unfortunately there are NO EXCEPTIONS. No waiver = No Bouncing!


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