Safety Play Rules

If you don’t mind comprehend the dangers & take care. BOUNCE is an activity sports office where wounds can happen. Like all games, members need to choose if the advantages of association are justified regardless of the danger of harm. Jumping, bouncing back utilizing trampolines makes the danger for potential harm notwithstanding while being sheltered. The potential for damage is significantly decreased when you:

General Safety Rules
Bounce endorsed socks must be worn to guarantee great hold.
Watch out for different jumpers & dependably permit littler jumpers right of way.
One and only individual on every trampoline at once.
Securely arrive on two feet or your bum when bobbing.
Try not to endeavor any movement past your ability level.
No twofold bobbing, wrestling or harsh play.
No sustenance or beverage on or close to the trampolines.
Try not to hop or arrive on cushioning.
No hopping when affected by medications or liquor.

Big Bag Safety Rules
Never plunge head first into the pit.
Try not to enter in the event that others are standing out.
Securely arrive on your feet, bum or back.
Spread your legs & twist your knees when entering the pit.
Try not to cover yourself in the pit as others may bounce on you without knowing.
Expel all things from pockets.
Exit as fast as possible.

Execution Trampoline Area Rules
Take additional consideration – trampolines around there give prevalent tallness & a more noteworthy level of trouble & hazard.
Jumpers must be more than 125cm in tallness.
Try not to endeavor any action past your ability level.
Stand out individual on every trampoline at once.
Try not to bounce or arrive on the cushioning – it arrives as a security precautionary measure.
Never arrive on your head or enter the enormous sack in reverse.
Skip group individuals screen security entirely & their bearing must be taken.

The Wall Safety Rules
The walls is for cutting edge jumpers just. Bounce group individuals screen the territory entirely.
Jumpers must be more than 125cm in tallness.
One and only jumper allowed on every walls trampoline whenever.
Guarantee nobody is on the trampoline bed before hopping off the walls.
Just remain on top of the walls when you are effectively utilizing one of the walls trampolines.
No climbing or scrambling up the walls – on the off chance that you can’t ‘keep running up’ add to your aptitudes in different area first.

Junior Jumpers
For jumpers 3 years or more however under 110cm in tallness (as a rule under 6 years of age). Accessible to book just where junior jumper image is shown. Junior Jumpers can get to most zones and have a devoted area in the free bouncing coliseum. For their security, this zone is limited to jumpers under 110cm just.

Keeping Kids Safe
Bounce has built up a Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy that is intended to assist guarantee With skipping venues are protected and steady places for youngsters and youngsters to go to.